Welcome to Point Nine!

The Point Nine Track Club is a high school off-season track club servicing the East Bay area with training and coaching available at various facilities around the Tri-Valley.

Point Nine TC is designed, organized and implemented by Coach Tyler Huff, who has over 10 years of experience coaching sprinters, jumpers, hurdlers and multi-event athletes at the youth, high school, collegiate and professional levels.

Point Nine Track Club is primarily made up of high school speed and power event athletes.

Events trained:

100m (60m indoor)



100mH/110mH (60mH indoor)


Long Jump

Triple Jump

High Jump

Pole Vault*

*Note: there is no technical training for pole vault at this time. Vaulters are encouraged to take advantage of the speed and approach training offered.

Areas and topics trained and covered:

Acceleration Development

Starting Block Mechanics

Maximum Velocity Mechanics

Maximum Velocity Development

Speed Endurance

Lactic Tolerance Training

Race Modeling 

Hurdle Mechanics

Jump/Flight Mechanics

Jump/Flight Technique

Race/Event Preparation

Injury Prevention




Recruiting Assistance

Sport/Athletic Psychology

Time Management

Footwear Consideration

Point Nine Track Club